Workplace Services


SpaceFitters Workplace Logistics Services bridge the gap between the corporate strategy of change and the resources that make it happen. Our solution utilizes a certified “Best in Market” network of moving, installation, and technical professionals that take the project from concept to completion on time and within budget.


Technology Services


SpaceFitters provides a complete solution for electronics lifecycle management from managed deployment to the proper disposal of obsolete or off lease equipment. We provide comprehensive services for desktop, laptop, and data center equipment.


Transportation Services


We provide national service with our company owned vehicles or through our freight brokerage. All vehicles are GPS tracked and exceed all DOT requirements for the safe and secure transportation of your products.


Industry Leading Solutions for Technology and Logistics

For over 33 years SpaceFitters has been a leader in technology and logistics services. We offer a unique business model that combines our technology and logistics expertise to create a comprehensive suite of services. We have a long history of looking for new and creative ways to improve supply chain functions.